AS3: AxisScroller v1.1

I had a comment made on the AxisScroller v1.0 post by Riccardo Bartoli mentioning that disabling the arrows via the optional param but not defining the actual arrow clips would cause an error. I never posted v1.1 because I was still experimenting with it but I uploaded it now because it fixes that bug. To […]

AS3: Double AxisScroller

View Preview Download Example Files Download AxisScroller I've been asked a couple of times to show a demonstration of the AxisScroller being used on both the X and Y axis. Here is an example of it in AS3. For some reason I haven't been able to replicate this behavior with the AS2 version but I'll […]

AS3: AxisScroller v1.0

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files AxisScroller is a scroller class that can be used in any of your AS3 projects. It's an update to the original AS2 AxisScroller and it is versioned at v1.0. The syntax for usage is almost identical except that I added a first parameter, the stage reference, […]

AS2: AxisScroller v2.0

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files This is the latest update to the AxisScroller. This update adds a new optionalParameter, continuousScroll, which allows you to scroll (if the arrows are active) continuously by just pressing down one of the arrows. There is also a new method, reset(), that resets the scroller and […]