AS3: Playr

Ronny Welter, a Flash developer from Belgium, just released version 2 of Playr for AS3. In his own words: Playr is a open source Flash Actionscript 3 class which takes the heavy lifting off your hands and makes building any kind of music player a piece of cake.

AS2 → AS3: Attaching Sounds From The Library

Download Example Files AS3 no longer has an attachSound() method in the Sound object so attaching sounds from the library is a little different. It’s actually more intuitive (as usual with AS3) because it acts just like attaching bitmaps and other objects out of the library.

AS2 → AS3: Loading & Playing External Sounds

Download Example Files Loading and playing external sounds in AS3 is not far off from its AS2 counterpart. The code, as usual in AS3, is a little different because of the new event model, but really boils down to the same thing.