Tip: Replacing Backslashes In AS3

I was just working on a project where I had to replace a backslash in a file path because I was using Zinc to output files on Windows (BLAH!). Anyway, Windows likes its file paths to look like this (C:\) instead of the normal (C:). Therefore you have to do some string manipulation if you […]

AS3: QueryString v1.1

I’ve just updated the QueryString class to fix an issue that was pointed out in the comments by roi. Trying to recover query string variables that do not exist no longer causes the other variables to not show, rather it just returns an empty string. You can get the update from the original post.

Tip: Converting Strings To Booleans

If you’ve downloaded my Image Slider, you may have looked at the Main.as file and noticed that I was using a utility class to convert the loaded string values for things that are actually booleans from the XML. I was originally loading them and I couldn’t figure out why when I traced out what was […]