AS2/AS3: TweenLite/Max Version 10 Released

Jack has officially (out of beta) released version 10 of TweenLite/TweenMax. This is the version with all the plugin architecture as well as some awesome new features and, as usual, speed improvements. You can read all about it on his official posting.

Interview: Jack Doyle (GreenSock)

I recently had a chance to ask Jack Doyle, the creator of TweenLite/Max, some questions in between projects. As some of you who regularly read this blog already know, I’m a huge fan of Jack’s TweenMax and use it on a regular basis. Jack is a friend and colleague, yes, but that is not why […]

AS2/AS3: TweenGroup

View Blog Post Many of you know that when it comes to tweening I look no further than TweenLite/FilterLite/Max (usually TweenMax cuz I’m crazy like that). Jack has just released a new utility class called TweenGroup which goes hand in hand with his tweening engines to add some extra and awesome functionality.

AS3: TransformManager

View TransformManager Post If you’ve ever had to make an application where the user can scale/rotate/distort objects on the stage you know its no easy task. Well, Jack Doyle, a good friend and the wonderful author of TweenLite/TweenFilterLite/TweenMax, has release an AS3 version of his TransformManager class that allows you to easily add this functionality […]

Getting Started With Scripted Tweening

Download Example Files As someone who is a beginner starting out with developing in Flash, it’s not always easy to figure out how to tween things through code and what products to use. There are more than enough tweening engines out there to make your head spin and some are more well known than others. […]

AS3: Event Responsive Menu Extended

View Example Download Example Files Download Environment Download TweenLite Last time we looked at the Event Responsive Menu we made a menu system that responded to events based on what button was clicked. This was a working version but rather ugly/useless in the sense that we didn't add any actual functionality to it so now […]

AS2 → AS3: Scripted Tweening

Download Example Files Download TweenLite The Tween class hasn't changed at all since moving from AS2 to AS3, but there are some subtle differences in handling the events in it because of the new event architecture. Let's take a look at the code to tween a box diagonally down the stage in AS2: PLAIN TEXT […]