New Look

As you’ve probably noticed if you’re not looking at this through your RSS reader, I’ve changed the theme. I think it looks nice and clean and hope you’ll like it as well. It is more organized and doesn’t take up as much space as well as allowing you to find stuff easier/faster. Let me know […]

WordPress 2.5 Update

I just updated this blog to run on the brand new WordPress 2.5. I don’t see anything wrong with the upgrade and for the most part all of the plugins I was using on the site work (with the exception of Live Search which apparently isn’t going to be updated by the author) so if […]

Utilizing The Read More In WordPress

Just a quick update that I’m going to start utilizing the “more” tag in WordPress posts to help speed up the loading time of the main page and in hopes of saving you from scrolling 100 ft. down the page if you’re just trying to find a post quickly. I’ve downloaded and activated the Full […]